Different Features that Massage Chair Offers

Massage chairs do the work of a massage therapist eliminating the need to visit a spa and pay their bills. Although it may seem like a big investment at first, it will all seem to pay off once you start experiencing the countless health and psychological benefits.  Since the market is loaded with all sorts of massage chairs, there is a range of different functionalities and features which you can expect. You need to jot down which of the features you find most important before you go select your perfect massage chair. Here are some of the most important features of best massage chairs that you will find in most of products:

Foot Rollers:

Foot rollers are new additions to many massage chairs and are gaining popularity because of their effective healing especially for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. For first timers it may seem a little harsh but once you get used to it, you will love the feeling. If you want to reap the maximum health benefits, you can use foot rollers together with airbag massage.

Heat Therapy:

Heat has proven to possess many healing powers which is why it is now being incorporated into the design of massage chairs. These unique massage chairs have built-in heating elements to heat particular areas. You can adjust the heating controls to heat the areas you want. Heat therapy enhances the effects of your massage, reduces swelling and pain and also enhances your blood circulation

Synchronization of Music with Massage:

This is a tempting feature in most of the newer models of massage chairs in which the intensity and rhythm of the massage will adjust itself according to the music you select. This is a very effective therapy which helps relieve stress and tension. It will also help reduce headaches.

Pre-Set Massage Options:

Pre-set massage options are an integral part of most good massage chairs. These pre-set options are carefully designed to use an intelligent combination of massage techniques, durations and locations to benefit you in different ways. All you have to do is select a suitable pre-set option according to what you need at the time for example if you have back pain, choose an option which focus on this area. After you choose the option, the massage chair will take control will provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable massage session ever.

Zero Gravity:

This is a feature which is present in most of the high-tech models of massage chairs. This was a position of the human body which was pioneered by NASA to prevent the sudden change in gravity during the launch of a spacecraft from putting too much pressure on the astronaut’s spine. The massage chair which includes this feature can be reclined in the same position which is taken by astronauts during take-off to relieve pressure on the spine and increase blood flow. This position has many therapeutic benefits and gives you the most relaxing massage ever.