How to make delicious Juices using Cold Press Machine at Home

Drinking juices is very good for your health, as they filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They will help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to consume juices but the best way is to prepare on at home, as they are pure and hygienic. The best way to prepare your juice at home is with the help of cold press juicers, as they will extract almost all the juice from the fruit and vegetable without destroying and nutrient. Today we will discuss three types of cold pressed juices that will help you to detoxify your body and provide sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables that our body needs.

For this cold pressed juice you will need, cucumbers, apples, a bunch of silverbeet and a bunch mint leaves. Now cut the cucumbers and apples in medium sized pieces and than also roughly chop silverbeet and mint leaves. Now put all of these ingredients and let the cold press juicer do its job. Once you receive the fresh juice, remove any excess foam and mix the juice properly. Now you can save them for later use or can drink now. Do Not throw any waste away, you can use them for composting.

Now for the other kind of juice you will need a lot of oranges and carrot, along with a small amount of ginger and a lemon juice. First of all, remove the skin from the oranges and cut them into moderate pieces. After that remove the root of the carrot, peel the ginger, and chop it into two pieces, along with lemon cutted into pieces. Place all of them into the cold presser and it will do the rest. Just make sure not through the waste as it can be used for composting.

Now finally, for the third juice you will need beetroots, celery, apples and apples. Now chop all of them into two inches pieces, make sure to cut the stems of the beetroots. Now place all the ingredients in the cold pressed juicer and then wait for it to extract the juice.

Once you have prepared the juice you can drink them, or even can save them for later use. They will last fresh atleast for week. These cold press juices can be very helpful for you to maintain a healthy weight. In our busy lifestyle we are unable to take healthy diet, most of the time we end up eating unhealthy food. Since cold pressed juice contains one hundred percent of fruits and vegetables, it will help us to maintain the amount of fruits and vegetables in your body. They will fulfil the deficiency of fruits and vegetable from our body.

These were the main reason why cold pressed juices are so highly recommended by doctors. It’s very beneficial for us to buy a cold press juicer, as cold pressed juices are very expensive. It will be economical and will help us to maintain a good and a healthy life.